The day I found ‘ME’

A lot changed for me when I got the understanding that everyone is wired differently and deserves to be treated uniquely. Not an easy thing to do, but worth the effort!

Growing up, we had people we looked up to and wanted to be like in future. Some people even went to the extent of imitating their role models/admirers. We wanted to talk, walk, dress, and look like other people, because we were supposed to ‘learn from those ahead of us.’ That is good but I guess they also forgot to tell us that every individual has their own unique abilities; hence we need to discover and nurture them whilst learning from others. Most of us are busy admiring people and forgetting that there is a little child in us who wishes to spend time with us, to get to know us well and show us our true self.

At this point, may I rudely burst your bubble – you cannot be someone! SIMPLE. Yes, you can learn and seek guidance from people, but you can never be them because WE ARE NOT THE SAME. We have different experiences and purpose for our life. When I caught this revelation, life has been worth every bit.

Below are some personal benefits after realizing this truth about embracing our uniqueness:

  • I stopped seeking approval from people – I listen a lot to my guts, and what my best friend whispers to me. By the way, my best friend is my inner voice, which I believe communicates with my wiring. I get counsel from people, but ultimately my final decisions always come from within. Often my best friend is right, though I don’t always listen 😊
  • I appreciated people more – When you know your strengths and weaknesses, you do not take people for granted. What you are unable to do effortlessly can be done by someone; people are meant to complement each other. I will use my blogging as a practical example; I am more of a creative person, hence I don’t particularly enjoy going over my writings. I have an idea/thought and I want to express or share. If I had my own way I would just publish everything that comes to mind without editing or checking punctuations. Fortunately, there are people who are more meticulous and find editing, organizing ideas to be interesting, so I appreciate their special talent and we work together. They may also find it difficult to even come up with an idea which I do easily – so we all acknowledge our areas of expertise and collaborate where help is needed.
  • I saw the need to live a life of impact – Similarly when you accept the diversity amongst people, you cherish your uniqueness and begin to see yourself as a channel for progress in a particular area. You can only make an impact when you are aware of what you have and how to use what you have to cause a change.
  • I had a better understanding of ‘comfort zone’ – Until you accept you for who you are first, and take the necessary steps to develop yourself, you will know the difference between living and existing. The most convenient is the latter which most people settle for consciously or unconsciously, but if your goal is to make the most out of life then you need to LIVE. When you discover your uniqueness, you don’t want to settle for the status quo, but seek to move out of the ordinary way of doing things to doing things in your own way. Be ready for the sleepless nights and disappointments – Don’t worry it makes you tough 😊
  • I became intentional about the people I allowed in my inner circle – Funny as it may sound, your uniqueness may stir up some hostility amongst friends, colleagues, and even family members. Ideally, that shouldn’t happen since we must all accept that we are different and have our own unique attributes and work together. The word I used was IDEALLY 😊, so that’s not the reality. With your exceptional ‘wiring’ people may talk you out of your dreams and goals, hence the need to be mindful of who you listen to and influences you. Not to say don’t have friends and just keep to yourself but keep those who uplift you and are true to you always in your inner circle.
  • I acknowledged that we are not perfect beings – In discovering your true self and capabilities, you get to see all your imperfections as a person. Sometimes scary, but worth knowing and strategically positioning yourself to be a better individual. With this mindset, you appreciate people more and understand that we are all on a journey fighting some battles. We become supportive and see the best in people, and not dwell on weaknesses.

I look forward to a day when people –

  • will accept and embrace their uniqueness
  • will be bold to let the world know what makes them unique
  • don’t feel superior to others because of their capabilities and forget that they also have areas they may need someone to fulfill
  • genuinely care about people and want the best for them – and not because they need favours from them
  • will not be discriminated against because of their looks, background, and past

What do you have a better understanding of? Try paying attention to life, there is so much beauty and lessons in there.

Written by Akua Ampah

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