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I had an amazing experience with Akua when i reached out to her to coach me for an interview. The role plays were effective and gave me an idea of what to expect. I was less nervous and confident during the interview. She introduced me to a technique that helped me ace my interview, and i am now in the role i interviewed for.

Ruth Ghanson

Operation and Sales Manager, Yesisa

I got through to Virtual Career Office to discuss on career transitions. The warm reception I received from Akua was just heartening. My current role as a Commodity Manager with IESO Agribusiness Consult came through with the help of Virtual Career Office.  I also benefited from CV reviewing, Interview coaching and I am still enjoying counselling. I love that I can call or drop an e-mail at any time and Akua is readily available to help. Deeply appreciated!

Henrietta Boateng

Commodity Manager, IESO Agribusiness Consult

Whenever I am unsure of my career path I come straight to this blog for professional encouragement 😊. Reading this blog over the years have made me realize that our careers are not cast in stone. A professional needs to be dynamic, flexible and have strong transferable skills. I look forward to more exciting professional encouragement in the days, weeks, months and years to come! What will I do without my virtual career office and the owner of the blog!

Amda Wiredua Kwapong

EVM Specialist, Vodafone Ghana

Growing up is tough. And if you’re like me, it’s even tougher when several opinions scream loudly at you on a regular, regardless of what you really want to do with your life. In such instances, it takes an Akua to put things in perspective. Having dedicated herself, for the longest time, to helping individuals make the most of themselves (career-wise), Akua came to my rescue by pointing me in the direction that aligned my interests with job roles. Soon enough, I landed an Executive Assistant position in one of the country’s top IT firms and that brought me a lot of fulfillment. I highly recommend anyone who wants to make a meaningful decision about their career to give Akua a call. You can thank me later. Why hustle when the expert is there to guide you all the way through?

Godfred Amankwah

Former Executive Assistant, Dreamoval

The Virtual Career Office has always been a great mentoring platform for me since my time in the Gimpa Faculty of Law from 2017 – 2019. It offered me the requisite skills and knowledge on how to navigate studies, part-time work and eventually helped in landing me a place in the Ghana School of Law. Ms. Ampah is a great guide and good listener. Her platform provided me with the necessary expertise which in turn enhanced my confidence and focus to finish my LLB studies with flying colors. I still follow the platform even more fervently now that I’m in law school. Her interviews with top notch industry experts continue to inspire me to make it to the top. I’m grateful to Ms. Ampah and the Virtual Career Office.

Regina Amegah

Ghana School of Law - Professional Law Course Part 1

Ms. Akua Ampah! What can I say about her? She has a very amazing personality. She is warm and receptive towards everyone. She is very passionate about empowering the younger generation and ensuring that they make the right decisions along their career journey. I had just finished my national service & was searching for a job. Fortunately, I happened to be part of a church youth group which was focused on personal & career development for young graduates and Ms. Ampah was our mentor. We usually had random sessions after church service to discuss our goals and career path. She advised us to chase our dreams and not to allow anything get in our way.  She mentioned that as young graduates from the university we should not be afraid to start small. Money should not be the prime motivator when seeking for a job, rather we should focus more on developing and adding value to ourselves. I remember telling her some of my personal challenges including public speaking and handling presentations during meetings. She recommended that I watch presentation videos from toastmasters which I found to be very insightful and beneficial. She stressed on the relevance of networking and seizing an opportunity which has brought me this far on my journey. I am grateful to Ms. Akua Ampah. She has been a great mentor and I look forward to learning more!

Bernard Annobil

Newmont Ghana Gold Limited - HR Global Mobility Representative