How having a positive attitude/growth mindset enhanced my career

I must admit that I have not been the smartest, most intelligent or skilled person in the various roles or jobs I have been engaged in. However, I can tell you for a fact that I have excelled at most things for one major reason – HAVING A POSITIVE ATTITUDE/GROWTH MINDSET.

Yes! Attitude is everything. It can open or close doors; depending on what you choose to exude; positive or negative energy. I know people who have the right skills and experience and have been refused a job offer, sacked from their job or just don’t find fulfillment at their jobs because of their negative attitude.

Talk to a professional, and you will almost always hear this – We want people with the right attitude.

When it comes to skills and experience, you can definitely learn or work your way to acquire the requisite skills needed for a job. However, changing someone’s attitude to a large extent is impossible if the individual does not see the need to change.

Your degree does not keep you in a job, your attitude at work i.e. healthy interactions with your colleagues, good work ethics, and willingness to learn and help others does.

I would like to share some pointers on how I have progressed in my career by having a positive attitude:

  • I have met and still meet great people: With a positive attitude or mindset, you attract great people to you; people who you may not have access to considering your level in your professional/career journey. I have had the opportunity to connect with some top professionals who have been very instrumental in my career. Some of which are now my Mentors and Enforcers – they are my go-to people when I need career guidance or support. With this in mind, I am not saying be nice to people only when you know you will benefit from them.

The least ranked employees are mostly overlooked, as most people think they have nothing to offer. I got an appointment with a Managing Director of a top organization just because I was nice to a Security Officer. My meeting with this Managing Director opened me to a lot of opportunities – thanks to the Security Officer.

‘The key is with you – open it with a POSITIVE ATTITUDE’


  • I became confident in taking up challenging roles/tasks: Knowing you have a reliable support system does magic to your mindset – trust me. You take up roles not because you have it all figured out, but you know you have colleagues or people who will be happy to assist you with anything you need. The positive energy you carry makes it easy for people to help or be part of any project/team you are in.

I worked in a university where at some point (well until I left the organization) I had to manage their Careers Office – definitely a shoe I didn’t think I could fit in until I changed my mindset. I had an attitude where I was going to learn on the job, read more, connect with the right people and make the most out of the opportunity. With this right attitude, I was able to effectively manage the office, successfully organized the university’s first ever Career Fair, connected students to internships and professionals, among other successful engagements.

Almost everything I have achieved in my career these few years have been as a result of exhibiting some level of positivity.

I decided to blog not because I am an excellent writer. I had a thousand and one reasons to talk myself out of writing, but all I needed to do was have a positive attitude and do what I love doing. So you don’t do something only because you are excellent at it – at least I know this first hand! You do something because you love or are passionate about it, and it’s ultimately serving a purpose.

‘Confidence comes with continuous practice and having a growth mindset’


  • Extra income 😊: I have made some extra cash from working on projects which came my way because of some act of kindness I did. As young people, we must learn to volunteer and not miss out on opportunities because it is not paying. Volunteerism is another way of exhibiting a positive attitude, where you help people and not necessarily expect anything in return. In your career journey, there will be times where the experience is more important than the money – learn to know that time.

When you offer to help and do it diligently, it will pay off. Maybe not immediately, but when the reward comes, it comes in grand style 😊. Step out of your comfort zone and help make things happen. Be the reason someone smiles, has a sense of direction, was able to finish that difficult task or project. Make an impact in your community, serve others and while doing these things know that people are watching. If not for anything at all, I know that your work will speak for you. When your work is speaking for you, it will often create opportunities that will generate you some cash or expose you to other privileges.

It may be free today, but will pay off eventually’


For me I have enjoyed every bit of my journey; the good and bad have all been an experience that have been worthwhile. What keeps me going is my positive approach to situations and opportunities in my career.

I always haven’t been positive, as it’s not an easy thing to do all the time. When you keep your eyes on the prize you will be conscious about having the right mindset in order to achieve great results.

As you continue to work hard and tick your KPIs, maybe you should take time to just exude some positivity – offer a helping hand, listen more, let someone know he/she is important, give genuine compliments, and above all be SELFLESS.


Written by Akua Ampah

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