Dear 21st century Recruiter,

Dear Recruiter,

I trust this letter finds you well. How is graduate recruitment going? Is it still difficult finding the right fit for your outfit? I am very sure it’s getting better.

My letter is to address some issues some recent graduates raised with me these past weeks. Most graduates find your face-to-face interviews quite intimidating. I know people who went blank when they entered the interview room and could not answer any questions asked during the interview. And these are rare talents who might have been excellent for your organization– emphasis on MIGHT!

I believe our young graduates would appreciate a smile or warm reception when you invite them to an interview. This makes them comfortable and easy to compose their thoughts while interviewing them. I don’t believe making interviewees feel uneasy or asking them really abstract questions can help you get the right talent – any correlation between cold reception at interviews and success with talent acquisition that we need to know?

It will be great to support our fresh and young graduates through the college to work transition. Not all of them had the opportunity to engage top executives nor the privilege of being exposed to any interview setting while in school. Of course you don’t have to compromise on the quality of talent you recruit, but there is a lot you can do to encourage and help graduates at interviews even if you will not hire them.

When interviewees feel relaxed, they are able to express their true self and their responses can accurately guide you to decide to hire them or not.

So please the next time you are conducting an interview, kindly don’t keep the candidates waiting for long to be interviewed nor wear a stern look just because they need a job.  Remember you were once a fresh graduate who at some point was clueless and wished someone could just smile to you or offer a helping hand.

Be that individual who makes others feel better when they encounter you, regardless of their ignorance. Our young ones need a support system, and you can be part of the system.

Thank you for reading

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