A letter to Entrepreneurs

Dear Entrepreneur,

It’s been a while I think i reached out to you.

I guess business is going well and customers are not proving too stubborn. Never mind customers now have a lot of options to choose from so I advise you are a step ahead of your game.

Well I write to you today just to bring your mind to something I have noticed lately. You might not know this but I have observed that you are very good with/at what you do but there is just something that I believe should you take a look at, you will really excel.

I have realized that, amass all the valuable entrepreneurship skills you may have, you are very DISORGANIZED. Err! Is it because you have a lot of things to juggle and think about?

Your disorganized self makes working with you very difficult, as such you are unable to mentor/coach up and coming entrepreneurs. I know you wish you could be there for them but you don’t have time on your hand.

Maybe you just want to admit that you are disorganized and then help may come your way. You are a role model to a lot of people but which this attitude, I think you will be a loner soon.

Can I help you? We are all not perfect so it’s in order for you to ask for help:

  • Buy that small notebook – Most of you don’t write at all because your Personal Assistant does this for you. Well, it will be great to write down things yourself to serve as a reminder. Be on top of issues yourself. Of course your phone can send you reminders but the pen and paper style does some magic. There might be a reason we were taught how to write J

                                                           ‘Own a notebook’

  • You can’t always be right – You hire people or delegate roles to your team members because you trust their abilities, hence give them room to operate. Listen to them when they talk – you can’t be always right. When you have the ‘I am the only one who knows’ mentality, your team will not make any meaningful contributions to the company. If this is your style of managing people, there will be no need to employ anyone then. Unfortunately if you want to be everything, you will be the most disorganized human species this earth ever had.

‘Give room for your team members to operate. Empower them and that will bring out the best in them’

 Acquire some skills on leadership: You being an entrepreneur or having your own business does not make you an effective leader. We appreciate the business you have introduced into the market, but if you lack the skills to be an effective leader, trust me one day you will go to work and your security guard will just hand over your office keys to you as all your employees would have quit.

Stay humble and admit that you don’t and can’t have it all, hence the need to assess yourself and get the necessary training(s) you need.

Thank you for reading my letter, and I hope I didn’t offend you in anyway. I want to see your business flourish beyond the shores of your home country.

Your employees/team members will be happy if you can do something about how disorganized you are, because it really affects them.

I look forward to hearing from you if any of the aforementioned tips works for you.

Thank you.


Virtual Career Office

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