20 lessons/observations in 31 years

  1.  Do yourself a favour and get to know who you are and your purpose in life. You will minimize making a lot of bad choices in this journey called life when you are self-aware and know what you want.
  2. You can find yourself and your purpose in life by having an intimate relationship with your creator. The one who created you has the master plan. Spend time with the creator and stop looking for approval from human beings who are also confused and need help 😊 This is quite harsh but the truth.
  3. Your first instinct about something/someone is often right. Do not disregard it – it may be what you need to make a good decision or avoid a possible heartbreak.
  4. Your interpretation about any issue is important – you can choose to be positive or negative. If staying positive is what is important to you, then be mindful of the interpretations you make.
  5. Do you know why you should forgive regardless? Because you also do wrong and hurt people, knowingly or unknowingly.
  6. Forgiving someone who really hurt you does not necessarily mean you have to be close with them after everything. It is your choice. Sometimes all it takes is telling them you have forgiven them, pray for them, and move on with a cheerful heart.
  7. People can only hurt you when you allow them – trust me. If you will take the time to analyze the situation, you will always see your contribution. It could have been as little as failing to create those boundaries, not replying to that message, not leaving that group page that was full of useless conversations, etc. When you admit your contribution(s) to painful situations, it is easier to recover quickly because you are not busy blaming someone.
  8. Accept that you have flaws too and then you will not take things people do that hurt you to heart. Oh I know it’s difficult, but let’s try!
  9. You cannot be everything to everyone. Be honest with yourself and be the best you can for people.
  10. You always know what to do. You ask for other peoples’ opinions because you need validation or you are scared to do what you must do.
  11. It’s ok if someone does not like you. You also do not like someone. Ouch!!! That hurts right? Just do not wish evil for them. Stay in your lane and let them also stay in their lane.
  12. People will doubt your competence but it’s your duty not to doubt yourself even if you do not feel qualified or ready. Take steps to get to where you want to go and have the right people in your circle to encourage you.
  13. Sometimes very painful situations happen to you for you to sit up and make drastic changes for a better life.
  14. If whatever you are doing or a part of you is not making you happy/fulfilled, then it’s time to have that honest conversation with yourself or the people involved.
  15. Say less, listen and watch more. You will learn a lot.
  16. Sometimes it will take a little misunderstanding or information to know how you truly feel about someone or how that person feels about you.
  17. If all you do is being nice to only people you think will help you or are useful to you, then you are miserable. Most of the people who came through for me in difficult times were people I least expected. Treat everyone as humans first!
  18. Some people will only check up on you when they need your help, it’s ok. At least you are useful to them. Very soon your number will be permanently busy😊
  19. Always remember and honour those who have helped/supported you throughout your journey.
  20. I believe we always pay for our bad choices. Sometimes in a painful or not so painful way, but you will feel the effect. Instead of making excuses and blaming others, go through the emotions and learn from them. The same way you see the fruits of your hard labour or good choices, you will see the effects of your bad choices.

Akua Ampah

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